Female Hormones

Hormones make up a lot of our compounding. Because of the negative publicity of the Woman’s Health Initiative study, many women are looking for alternative ways to control symptoms and stay healthy. Bio-identical hormone therapy follows the principle that we need to find out what hormones you need and then supplement with those hormones. A saliva test, performed in the privacy of your home, can accurately determine the values of your free, available hormones. We usually test estradiol, a woman's potent estrogen, progesterone, to see if it is balanced to your estradiol level, and also testosterone, if muscle mass, energy levels or libido are an issue. We use ZRT Laboratories because they also give us an objective review of your symptoms that is frequently very informative. Working with a physician, we can use these results and determine an appropriate hormone supplement regimen.

Hormonal imbalances can take place at any age and affect both men and women. Many women experience side effects when dealing with menopause and hormone imbalance. Unstable hormone levels can lead to chronic symptoms and disorders that can disrupt daily activity. Some of these symptoms include but are not limited to: unexpected weight gain, hot flashes, migraines, depression, difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, and fatigue.

The primary hormone of importance in females is estrogen, which exists in three different forms in the body: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), estriol (E3). Other important hormones include progesterone (P4), testosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). These substances may help restore natural balance in the body and may help alleviate chronic symptoms arising from imbalance.

How can compounds help?

There are several effective products that exist on the commercial market to help with symptom management. Compounding allows for a more personal and tailored dose for you. In addition, compounding offers a variety of dosage forms that will best fit you. By working with your medical provider, compounding pharmacies can create various formulations that may include any combination E1, E2, P4, E3, DHEA, and/or testosterone to help manage your symptoms with the lowest possible dose to alleviate symptoms for the shortest period of time.

Complete medical histories will be taken and evaluated to create a product that will help you manage any issues you might be experiencing. The amount of these hormones will be limited to mimic how they naturally exist in your body to ensure safety. Formulation examples include topical and vaginal creams, oral capsules, and orally dissolving or sublingual tablets. With sufficient monitoring, formulations can be adjusted to help relieve your most bothersome symptoms.

Compounding is a relationship between the patient, physician, and pharmacist. Together, they will work to provide an alternative treatment option when and if the current available treatment options are not the best fit for you.